Lori Banks


SpecialtyCelebrity, Editorial, Commercial
About Her Lori Banks, a high-end professional nail stylist for over 26 years, has always set herself apart by her natural approach&relentless focus on healthy nails. Based in Los Angeles, Lori relishes in the detail-oriented nature of her craft making her an asset on editorial, runway and commercial projects. Her work ranges from vintage, classic clean nails to creating innovative styles that mirror and compliment the latest fashion&beauty trends. Lori’s vast experience includes: celebrity clients,New York Fashion Week and her own private clientele. Lori exhibits passion and professionalism demonstrating excellence on every project she takes on. Her expertise, caring and team building skills make her a joy to work with on any set. Lori always looks forward to collaborating with new clients and creatives, as she knows this is where the magic happens.

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