Who We Are

We believe a brand’s image and reputation is a long-term strategy. In order to bring you closer to your goals, our partnerships with parts models and our clients are set up with a long vision in mind. Our mission is to work with the best, so we can deliver the best. This comes from nurturing our relationships with our talent and developing them into world-class parts models.

Our Mission

Closeup Models is at the cutting edge of the parts modeling industry. Our mission is to provide you with a unique and distinct selection of parts models for your campaigns, along with our expert recommendations and strategic guidance.

Meet Kevin

Paris – Los Angeles – Brazil

Born in Paris, Kevin founded Closeup Models in Los Angeles. Kevin Issa has worked in, and traveled to, some of the most innovative places in the world. Studying in China and having worked in Brazil, Kevin has developed a rare perspective of the world’s beauty.

Innate ability for selecting talent

With a background at a leading advertising agency, Kevin developed a deep understanding of the business and model selection process. He understands the complexity of the modern advertising world. At the ad agency, he was hired for his unique ability to select models, from beginning to end.

As a photographer and multimedia artist, he believes the best results come from mixing business and art. He’s able to capture the wide range of beauty in the world and in the intimate details that create original pieces of art.

Combining the breadth of knowledge from both the business side of things, and the artistic side, Kevin Issa has a unique ability to create results that are rare in the body parts niche.

The Best Richness and Wealth is People

A passion for discovery, adventure and the love of people, are his sources of energy. Allowing him to be an elite parts model agent, with an open-mind. Thanks to people, you can develop, see things differently. Connecting with other people is the only way to be better, expand your view, to maintain an open mind, and to compete and innovate in this ever changing world.