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  • Colored-Ziploc

Acura - TLX "Test+Drive" 2018 (Jerry G)

Nature Made - Glow Vitamins (Celeste)

Gena PediSpa - Moroccan Ghassoul (Arianna L)

Walmart Grocery - Wow the Crowd (Marlon B/Jim B/Karina F)

Samsung - QLED TV (Karl S)

Smirnoff - Ice Spiked Screwdriver (Benjamin W)

LG G6 - Official Product Video (Candace W)

Wholly Guacamole - Farm to Table (Joanna S)

2017 Kia Niro - Breakthroughs (Murphy P)

Black + Decker - Cordless Hand Vacuum (Shawna B)

KitchenAid - Cold Brew 101 (Eva L)

Smirnoff - Spiked Sparkling Seltzer (Filio B)

Promised Land Dairy - Meet Francine (Jeff B)

Best Damn - Beer Brewing Co. (Brea P)

Krups - Savoy Coffee Maker (Kalon J)

KitchenAid - More than a Mixer (Hadas N/Joanne J/Iris H)

Epson - ES 300w (Alyssa T)

Alexia - Seasoned Waffle Cut Fries (Nicole C)

Ritz Crackers - Crisp & Thins (Erwin J/Hadas N/Devin D)

Oreo - The Synchronized Dunk (Candace W & Adam L)

Brita - Wash Away (Brea P)

Ta-da at Target - Thanksgiving (Iris H & Alex S)

Fitbit Flex 2 - Fashion & Fitness (Brea P/Elizabeth J/Arianna L)

San Manuel Casino (Jeff B/Candace W)

Apple Music - Kevin Bacon (Jim B) Britney Spears (Amber E)

Ziploc - Picnic Chaos (Joanne J)

Samsung - Galaxy Note 7 (Iris H)

Visa - Road to Rio 2016 (Kalon J)

Clorox - Micro scrubbers (Merone L/Iris H/Kelly P/Jodi J)

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter - Unbelievabot (Jim B)

OPI - Nail Art Tutorial (Merone L)

Ziploc - Cleanup Chaos (Neal K)

Simply Pure Creamer (Joanna S)


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